• End The Unfair Rain Tax
    An unfunded mandate which has been arbitrarily imposed on select areas by local authorities. Enough is enough, I pledge to fight to enact legislation curtailing the "Rain Tax" and ALL unfunded environmental mandates.

  • Repair Our Roads and Bridges
    The nation's third highest gasoline tax state should have more to show for it than crumbling asphalt and rusty old failing bridges.

  • Demand Election Security
    You can't rent a pair of bowling shoes without providing a Government Issued ID. We need voter identification, no more no excuse mail-in voting, no drop-off boxes, no ballot harvesting.

  • Protect Life At All Stages
    I've been lucky enough to experience the joys of fatherhood and I will stand up for the unborn, protect the sanctity of life and expand funding for family services to provide resources for adoption.

  • Preserve Our Green Spaces
    One of the greatest things about our District is the bountiful natural resources and beautiful landscape. From Harvey's Lake to the Nescopeck State Park, Council Cup to the Ricketts Glen State Park and beyond. Let's keep our space clean and green; I will fight for more incentives for land preservation in the form of tax credits and rebates.

  • Support Our Farmers
    We need to provide funding, resources and other assistance to transition our farmers to modern agriculture and help ease the burden on the labor crisis.

  • Take Care of Our Veterans
    Eliminate all state fees for American veterans including Driver's License, primary vehicle registration, hunting licenses, etc. --  we owe eternal gratitude to honor their service.