Former State Rep. Karen Boback Endorses Mike Cabell: A Legacy of Service Continues

In an inspiring continuation of conservative leadership and community service, I am profoundly honored to announce the endorsement of my candidacy by Former State Representative Karen Boback. Known for her steadfast commitment to the Back Mountain Region and her unwavering advocacy for veterans and emergency services, Karen Boback’s legacy is one of genuine dedication and impactful service.

Karen’s tenure in office was marked by her exceptional work for veterans and emergency medical services (EMS). From her unwavering support for legislative measures that benefited our heroes to the organization of resources and recognition events, Karen’s efforts have significantly impacted the lives of those who served our nation and those who continue to protect us every day.

Carrying the Torch: Supporting Our Veterans and First Responders

Following in the footsteps of such a respected leader, I am committed to continuing and expanding upon the important work started by Karen. This includes the Annual Veterans Expo and Recognition Event, an initiative close to my heart. This event not only honors our veterans but also connects them with crucial services and acknowledges their invaluable contributions to our nation’s safety and freedom.

Karen’s dedication to enhancing the lives of our veterans through legislative support and community engagement has set a high standard. Her work has ensured that our veterans and first responders have access to the resources they need, recognizing their sacrifices and service. It’s a legacy that I am proud to uphold and advance, recognizing the importance of our veterans and EMS in the fabric of our community.

A United Front for Conservative Values

Karen Boback’s endorsement represents more than just a vote of confidence in my ability to lead; it signifies a shared commitment to the conservative values that guide our vision for the future. Together, we stand for fiscal responsibility, the protection of individual liberties, and the support of families and communities across the Back Mountain Region and beyond.

As we look to the future, I am inspired by Karen’s trust and guided by her example. I am more motivated than ever to serve our district with the same level of integrity, dedication, and commitment to our conservative ideals.

Our Promise to the Back Mountain Region And The Rest of the 117th District

We promise to continue fighting for the prosperity and safety of our community, honoring our veterans and first responders, and upholding the conservative principles that have made our region strong. With Karen Boback’s endorsement and the support of our community, we will work tirelessly to ensure the Back Mountain Region remains a place of opportunity, freedom, and unwavering community spirit.

Join us as we build on the foundation laid by leaders like Karen Boback, striving for a brighter, stronger, and more secure future for all. Together, we will make a difference.