A Commitment to Our Senior Citizens

In Pennsylvania, we recognize the significant burden that property taxes can place on our residents, particularly our seniors who live on fixed incomes. The value of home and community in the lives of our senior citizens cannot be overstated—it’s where memories have been made, families raised, and retirements enjoyed. As your representative, I am deeply committed to ensuring that our seniors can live in their homes without the overwhelming pressure of escalating property taxes.

Expanding Relief Through the Property Tax & Rent Rebate Program

One of the key measures I have proudly supported is the expansion of the “Property Tax & Rent Rebate Program” for seniors. This program is a critical tool in providing financial relief to eligible Pennsylvanians 65 years and older, widows and widowers 50 years and older, and people with disabilities 18 years or older. The expansion of this program means increased rebates and broader eligibility criteria, allowing more seniors to benefit from much-needed relief.

Toward a Future Without Senior Property Taxes

Beyond the rebate program, I strongly advocate for exploring and implementing ways to pause or completely eliminate property taxes for seniors. It is a bold step towards acknowledging the contributions our senior citizens have made over their lifetimes and ensuring they can enjoy their retirement years with one less financial worry.

Our Ongoing Efforts

  • Legislative Action: I am actively working with my colleagues in the legislature to identify sustainable funding mechanisms that can support the reduction or elimination of property taxes for seniors, without compromising the quality of public services that benefit all Pennsylvanians.
  • Community Engagement: Understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by our senior citizens is crucial. I encourage community feedback and participation in town halls and surveys to better shape our policies.
  • Partnerships for Solutions: Collaborating with local governments, non-profits, and community organizations is essential to develop comprehensive solutions that address the issue of property taxes while supporting essential services.

Your Voice Matters

The journey towards significant property tax relief for seniors is a collaborative effort. Your stories, experiences, and suggestions are invaluable as we work together to create a Pennsylvania where every senior citizen can live with dignity and peace of mind. I invite you to share your thoughts with my office and join me in advocating for policies that support our seniors.