Leading the Fight Against Illegal Immigration in Pennsylvania

In an era where the integrity and security of our communities are increasingly challenged, Rep. Mike Cabell (R-Luzerne) is spearheading crucial initiatives to address the complexities of illegal immigration in Pennsylvania. With a comprehensive approach that ranges from legislative proposals to urging federal collaboration, Rep. Cabell is at the forefront of efforts to protect the Commonwealth and its citizens.

Addressing “Ghost Flights”

Rep. Cabell has introduced a House resolution calling for the federal government to review and strengthen immigration policies concerning “ghost flights” — unmonitored flights carrying undocumented immigrants into the U.S. These flights not only abuse immigration laws but also pose significant risks to both public safety and the migrants involved. By urging federal collaboration with state and local authorities, Rep. Cabell aims to ensure that immigration policy is enforced in a manner that is safe, humane, and respectful of legal processes.

Cracking Down on Unauthorized Migration

Understanding the direct link between illegal immigration and rising crime rates, including drug trafficking and overdose deaths, Rep. Cabell is preparing to introduce legislation that would criminalize unauthorized migration at the state level. This bold move, modeled after Texas’s SB4 law, would create specific offenses for illegal entry and re-entry into Pennsylvania, marking a significant step in enhancing the state’s ability to enforce the law and protect its citizens.

Supporting National Efforts

Rep. Cabell’s commitment extends beyond state borders. He has led a coalition of over 40 Republican members of the Pennsylvania House in urging Gov. Josh Shapiro and Attorney General Michelle Henry to support Texas’s Operation Lone Star. This initiative aims to secure the southern U.S. border amidst federal challenges. Rep. Cabell’s advocacy highlights the interconnectedness of state and national security concerns, emphasizing Pennsylvania’s role in addressing broader immigration issues.

Economic Measures

Recognizing the economic impact of illegal immigration, Rep. Cabell proposes to introduce legislation imposing a state fee on international remittances by undocumented workers. This innovative approach aims to retain a portion of the funds that would otherwise leave the U.S. economy, redirecting them to support vital state programs like the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program for seniors and people with disabilities. Modeled after successful measures in other states, this proposal underscores a strategic method to address the economic dimensions of illegal immigration.

Our Commitment

Rep. Mike Cabell’s initiatives reflect a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to tackling the challenges of illegal immigration in Pennsylvania. By prioritizing public safety, economic stability, and the rule of law, Rep. Cabell is leading the way in ensuring that Pennsylvania remains a state where legal processes are respected, and community well-being is safeguarded.

Stay informed and engaged as we work together to support these vital efforts for the betterment of Pennsylvania and its residents.

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